Conference on Self Sufficiency in Pulses: Challenges and Way Forward..
19th -20th November, 2016 at VIsva-Bharati University, Santiniketan


Pulses are important source of protein, high in fibre content and provide ample quantity of vitamins and minerals. Keeping in view large benefits of pulses for human health, the United Nations has proclaimed 2016 as the International Year of Pulses.

Conference Objectives

India is the world's largest producer, importer and consumer of pulses. Over the years, the country has accumulated a huge surplus of wheat and rice, while the pulses remain in short supply. The pulses availability reduced from 22.1kg/capita/year in 1951 to 15kg/capita/year during 2012. Thus, the availability of pulses is quite low than actual recommendation of WHO of 80 grams/capita/day (29.2 kg/capita/year). The Government of India has launched a number of schemes/programmes time to time for area expansion and productivity enhancement to increase the pulses production in country. Furthermore, due attention is required to enhance the production of pulses not only to meet the dietary requirement of protein but also to raise the awareness about pulses for achieving nutritional, food security and environmental sustainability. Pulses are important component to sustain the agriculture production as the pulse crops possess wide adaptability to fit into various cropping systems, improve the soil fertility being leguminous in nature and physical health of soil while making soil more porous due tap root system.

The UN dedicated year will raise the level of awareness of pulses globally and the important role pulses can play in advancing health and nutrition, food security and environmental sustainability. It provides an unprecedented opportunity to raise awareness about the role of pulses in feeding the world and is the greatest opportunity to give additional research attention to pulses they deserve.

Numerous programmes are being organized worldwide to commemorate the International Year of Pulses during 2016. The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Visva-Bharati University (a renowned University in India set up by Gurudeb Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Laureate) in association with the Government of West Bengal, Department of Agriculture has decided to join these endeavours by organizing a 2-daylong Conference-cum-Discussion on "Pulses for Agricultural Sustainability and Nutritional Security (PASNS)".

The Conference will provide an exceptional opportunity to researchers, policy makers, extension workers, traders and entrepreneurs to discuss various strategies for nutritional security and environmental sustainability through pulse crops and draft a consensus road map for increasing productivity and profitability of pulses.

Themes of The Conference

# Production and Consumption

# Breeding, Crop Improvement & Crop Intensification

# Resource Conservation, Use Efficiency and Bio fortification

# Integrated Nutrient Management

# Nutrition and Health

# Integrated Pest Management, Diagnostics and epidemiology

# Awareness building among the farmers towards pulse cultivation


Farmers and farmer groups, Students, Scholars, Scientists, Teachers, Extension personnel, NGOs and participants from Industries.